Top 10 Tools Every New Jersey Gardener Needs

Potted Geranium Still with Tools

c/o: Fran Linden

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just getting started with a new hobby, there are certain gardening tools that every gardener needs. As we ease into the spring, now is a great time to get the tools you need and have everything in order. You’ll beat the crowds and have full access to all types of tools instead of being stuck with what’s left in stock.

Shovel: Shovels are great for digging holes and planting trees and shrubs. You can also use a large shovel to mix dirt and compost. Choose a shovel that is comfortable to hold and will allow you to work at ease.

Hand Pruner: Hand pruners are great for removing dead branches and twigs from trees and shrubs. The hand pruners should be comfortable to hold and have smooth blades.

Hand Trowel: Hand trowels are used to dig small holes in garden beds and pots. Like a hand pruner, the blade should be sharp and the handle comfortable to grip.

Watering Can: Watering cans are efficient for transporting water to the garden. There are various sizes; choose one that will be comfortable for you to hold.

Work Gloves: If you don’t want your hands scratched or dirty, you’ll need a sturdy pair of work gloves. Leather or synthetic gloves are best because they are more durable and easier to work with.

Spade: Another flexible gardening tool, the spade is used to plant large plants, removing dead plants and removing roots. Fiberglass or wood spades are best for durability.

Garden Rake: Rakes gently press seeds into the ground, and they can also be used to remove dead grass and debris from the garden.

Long Hose with Wand: In order to water your garden, you’ll need a long hose that can reach all the sections of your yard. Durability is important, so look for a rubber hose with brass couplings.

Loppers: Loppers are used to remove larger branches from trees. They are great for shaping jobs, so be sure to look for loppers that have sharp and sturdy blades.

Hoe: Hoes are versatile and can be used to chop through overgrowth, cultivate soil and create the perfect rows for your vegetable garden.

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