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The Certainty of Giving Thanks

2021 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2021 is the perfect time to pause and reflect on what we have learned in the past 18 months. As normalcy returns and the boundary lines of travel and gatherings widen, what do we see differently? What will we do differently? What positive lessons of the pandemic will we apply to our Thanksgiving celebrations this year? Have we mended …

Creating your own Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis

Summertime is vacation time, whether we are planning the trip of a lifetime or relaxing in our own backyards. If 2020 has kept you closer to home than originally planned, why not create a private outdoor oasis right in your own backyard? Escape to your backyard When we think of vacation, we often think of escape. We want to leave …

Outdoor Lighting for Warm Summer Nights

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace

Summertime invites us outdoors, to spend more time in the natural spaces that God made us for. We were not created to dwell indoors, and, in the Northeast, where we experience four distinct seasons, summertime is the best time to maximize our outdoor time. Outdoor lighting, well planned and well placed, creates ambiance that allows us to enjoy our outdoor …

Industry Leader in Landscape and Commercial Snow Services

Horizon Landscape Company

A dedicated leader in the Landscape and Commercial Snow Industry Mike Kukol has spent more than 40 years learning and growing Horizon Landscape Company in Wyckoff, New Jersey. He is a firm believer that continuous learning is the key to success — even if you’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years. Kukol spoke with Snow Business at length …

The True Meaning of Christmas

Meaning of Christmas 2018

“Peace on earth” is a popular saying at Christmastime. We speak it as a warm greeting of holiday cheer and goodwill. We wish our neighbors a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season. In our homes, the desire for peace usually means the easing of chaotic schedules and family conflict. Nationally and globally, we pray for racial and political tensions, …

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks - Thanksgiving

Autumn is the fulfillment of the seasons. It brings warm sweaters, falling leaves, and completed harvest. After the fruits of summer fade, autumn bursts with ample greens and bountiful gourds. This natural nourishment sustains our bodies as we are utterly dependent on the land. Yet we are so far removed from our food source that we fail to appreciate the …

Outdoor Patio Ideas to Bring the Indoors Out

Landscape Design Ideas

Signs of spring are emerging in Bergen County after a long winter’s nap. You’ve just ventured out on your back patio to grill a hamburger after a long week of work. What?! The grill has rusted out from the outdoor elements, and there’s nowhere to sit. If you have this dilemma, it might be time for some backyard patio ideas. Stay …

Benefits of a Smart Outdoor Lighting System for your Property

Outdoor living space lighting

Smart Outdoor Lighting Technology Has this ever happened to you? Your head is ready to hit the pillow at night when you realize you left your backyard lights on? Then, you had to get up and go to the controller to turn them off. Now, you can stay in bed and turn off your garden lights with a touch of …

4 Benefits of Planting in the Fall in Bergen County

Fall Planting and Sod

Fall Planting & Sod For Your Landscape The goal for any Fall planting installation, including sod, is to develop deep root systems. Plants need access to water and food during the cold, winter months. In this blog, you’ll discover why fall is the best time to add new plantings and sod to your New Jersey property. 4 Reasons for Fall …

Stunning Outdoor Living Spaces in Bergen County

Full Outdoor Living Space Wyckoff

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