Over the years, Horizon Landscape Company has grown into a full-service landscape firm in Bergen County, NJ, managing all aspects of residential and commercial landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Our Landscape Services include:

Landscape Design & Construction Services

We work with North Jersey homeowners on projects ranging from simple plantings to complete transformations involving hardscapes, patios, irrigation, landscaping, lighting and more.

Learn more about our Landscape Design and Landscape Construction services to see how we help homeowners improve curb appeal and transform backyards into beautiful entertainment, outdoor living or garden spaces.

We also enhance our clients’ properties through the design and installation of irrigation and lighting systems. A properly-designed and implemented sprinkler system will ensure the ongoing health of your investment in your lawn and plantings. With outdoor lighting you can have an outdoor space that embraces both beauty and safety.

Landscape Lighting

Decorative Landscape Lighting will be designed, installed and serviced for security and to enhance the nighttime features of your landscape. Learn more

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Replacement plant material from one piece and up to an entire new landscape can be provided by Horizon.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services now cover everything required to keep your property looking great and hassle-free.


Mulch is installed at a depth of 2″ to 3″ to conserve moisture and protect plant roots. Cedar, hemlock, hardwood and dyed mulches are popular organic products. Pea gravel, River Jack and other decorative stones are effective for changes in texture and color. Adequate mulch is required for suitable weed control.

Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs

Annuals can be planted in May and June. Spring flowering bulbs are planted with bone meal in November and December. Mums, Cabbages, and Pansies are planted in September and October. Perennials are planted April through December. Maintenance includes dividing, dead heading and removal of old foliage.   Learn More…

Perimeter Pest Control

Exterior pest control applications are made 4 times per year to reduce pest problems in your dwelling before they occur. Applications are made around the outside of buildings with particular attention paid to all entry points, including doorways, windows, eaves and overhangs. No interior applications are involved; all services are performed outdoors.  Learn More…

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