Outdoor Lighting: Security vs Decorative

Aspects of Outdoor Lighting

During the winter, the days are much shorter, making outdoor lighting more important and Pathway Driveway lightingnoticeable. If you’ve been pulling into your driveway after work and your home looks dark and uninviting, it’s time to spruce up your landscaping with new lights. Before you purchase just any lights, have a plan in mind. Outdoor lighting has different functions, so when arranged according to function, you can have an outdoor space that embraces both beauty and safety.

The most basic types of outdoor lighting include security and decorative lighting.

Security Outdoor Lights

Security lights are used to make the home safer. It is well known that homes that are well lit are less likely to be invaded or burglarized. Not only does having lights on make the home look busy and active, but also lights brighten up the outdoor space, making intruders more visible. The coverage, position and degree of illumination impact the level of security.

When choosing security lights, focus on the key areas of your property and opt for low level illumination. This gentle light allows people to see the objects within and around the light, keeping the home more protected. In addition, broad coverage is necessary in isolated areas.Lighted Entryway

It’s also a good idea to consider lights for safety, especially in the winter when the sidewalks, driveway and walkways are slick. Place lights around these areas, as well as near steps and entryways. The goal is to have a well-lit path to your home that keeps you and visitors safe from slips and falls.

Decorative Landscape Lights

Decorative lights are different than security lights in that they are purely for decorative purposes. That’s not to say that security or safety lights can’t be decorative, but the way in which you use aesthetic lighting is different. Basically, you select the lights you like and arrange them in positions that are visually appealing.

There are certain factors to keep in mind, such as:

  • CohesionOutdoor Backyard Landscape Aesthetic Lighting

  • Depth

  • Focal points

  • Light quality

  • Balance

  • Perspective

  • Symmetry

  • Comfort

This holiday season, think about what your home says to others. If you’ll be traveling, security lights are a natural way to deter intruders. If you’ll be hosting the holidays, you’ll want to have a safe and visible walkway for guests. And of course, you want your home to look stunning the whole season through, which is why a combination of security and decorative lighting are necessary.