Everyone’s a Winner at Wyckoff Family Fun Day

In June of 2010, the town of Wyckoff, NJ started a new tradition they call the Wyckoff Family Fun Day.  It is held on the grounds of the Wyckoff Family YMCA, and features booths from vendors in the local area, giving them a chance to interact with the community.  Horizon Landscape Company has had the pleasure of participating in this event both last year and this year, and we had loads of fun meeting our clients.  This year’s Family Fun Day was held on June 11.

Setting up for Wyckoff Family Fun Day

Along with our display featuring our products and services, Mike Kukol and his family created a version of the popular “Plinko” game from The Price is Right for the children (of ALL ages) to play.  At the base of the game board were bins of different kinds of candy, and every player walked away with a prize.  It was quite a hit.  And very clever!  The player dropped a ball into a hole in a PVC pipe, where it was whisked away by a blower up to the top of the board.  Once at the top, the ball found its way through a series of pegs to the bottom of the board and into one of the bins of candy.  The best part of all, and the part that fostered the values of the Wyckoff YMCA, was the fact that everyone was a winner.  Check out our video on youTube to see the game in action:

This year's winners

Horizon Landscape also gave away insulated lunch bags filled with little goodies.  Mike was on hand to answer questions from potential clients, and his family helped with the games and giveaways.  The highlight of the afternoon was the drawing for a new Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  It was the grand prize for being the closest on guessing how many pens were in a tall glass cylinder set up at our booth.  The lucky winner was Lawrence Rosenblatt and his daughter Sydney of Wyckoff.  Together, they used one of Sydney’s recent math lessons to calculate the volume of the container and how many pens could fit in it.  They guessed the exact number of 193 pens!

Math is such an important part of what we do here at Horizon Landscape, whether it’s using proper measurements to mix and apply lawn applications, measuring the square footage of your new bluestone patio, or calculating the gallons per minute your sprinkler system delivers to your plants.  We were thrilled that the proper use of math resulted in Sydney’s winning a cool new way to read, and we are looking forward to Wyckoff Family Fun Day 2012![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]