Trampoline Safety Tips for the Family

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c/o: Petra Arkanian

Now that the warm weather is here to stay, it’s time to start thinking about the safety of your outdoor space for the summer months ahead. If you have kids, neighbors with kids or family and friends with kids, there’s no doubt that your yard will see some activity over the summer. Every homeowner wants to provide a safe place for children to play, but this can become increasingly difficult when adding certain things to the yard, such as a trampoline or pool. Fortunately, a few preventative measures go a long way in protecting your children and their friends from head and neck injuries.

Trampolines have been long known for their safety risks; in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that trampolines should not be used. Still, many parents choose to buy them despite their risks because they are fun for kids and adults and allow young children to release some much-needed energy while getting a good dose of exercise in the process. Whether you have a trampoline at your own home or your child will be spending time at someone else’s home with a trampoline, follow these safety guidelines.

Use Safety Nets and Pads

All trampolines should have a safety net enclosing the trampoline. This way, you won’t be able to bounce or fall off the height of the trampoline. Also be sure that all springs, hooks and the metal frame are covered.

Allow One Jumper at a Time

Only one person should jump on the trampoline at one time. While it may require more supervision, this is a teachable moment for kids to learn about taking turns and watching others. Additionally, don’t allow risky moves on the trampoline such as flips or somersaults.

Choose an Optimal Location

Where the trampoline is placed is significant in maintaining its stability. The ground should be flat, and there should be no trees or other structures around. If possible, place the trampoline in a pit so that if someone were to fall off, it would be at ground level.

Always have Supervision

There should never be anyone jumping alone – period. Jumpers should always be supervised, so don’t place easy access means in there such as a ladder.

With these prevention tips, you can avoid the majority of risks that are associated with trampoline use.