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Completely hand crafted Stonemakers waterfall

We are all so excited at Horizon Landscape today!  Our Stonemakers website officially went live, and it is a beauty!  Horizon Landscape Company is one of only a few officially licensed Stonemakers dealers in NJ, according to the Stonemakers Corporation website.  What’s so great about our Stonemakers product is that it gives our clients the beauty and feel of natural stone for the price of concrete.  We design your project and construct it you your specifications.  Each hardscape design is hand-crafted, cut and tinted so that no two elements are exactly alike.  Your Stonemakers creation will be truly unique.

Let us create something beautiful for your outdoor space.  Check out our new Stonemakers website and play around with the cost calculator.  You may be surprised that a new patio, walkway, and waterfall is more affordable than you thought.  Call us at 201-848-0022, or email me.  What are you waiting for?