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Benefits of a Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller for Your Landscape

Smart Irrigation system

SMART Watering in the palm of your hand Did you ever wish you could manage your lawn sprinkler system from your office, while you are on the road or even while you are away on vacation? That is now possible through a SMART Wifi sprinkler controller. A Wi-Fi controller is an easy-to-use sprinkler timer that replaces your existing timer. It …

Six Steps to Turning off the Water to Your Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic Sprinkler System

You wake up in the morning or come home during the day and find your automatic sprinkler system is running when it is not supposed to. You double check and then turn the controller to off but the results do not change.  In frustration you even unplug the controller but the sprinklers will not stop running.  No you have not …