Strange things in the lawn are a lesson for us all


Grass seedlings can strike fear in the hearts of new lawn owners.

It has only happened to me twice in the 28 years I have been in this business, but because of it, I smile every spring.  Those of us who grew up with a lawn and whose dads spent the weekends mowing it forget that there are lots of people growing up in cities who never really have the opportunity to become ‘one with the grass’.   So it was with a client who moved to Bergen County NJ a number of years ago, after spending all of her life to that point in the Big Apple.  Now mind you, most houses in the areas we service don’t just have lawns.  They have LAWNS.  Big ones.  So it never occurred to me how stressful owning one could be when you’ve never lived with one.

One April afternoon, this client came to our office very upset, with large digital photos in her hand.  “These funny green things are sprouting up all over my lawn”, she said.  “What are they, and how do I get rid of them?”  Of course, my first thought was whether or not I would be able to identify the alien plant on the spot.  My second thought, after seeing the photos, was how to gently tell a client that the lawn was reseeding itself without her feeling silly.  Somehow, I guess I was able to do that, because we had a great educational conversation about what grass does, and I assured her that we would be there to help her every step of the way.


Good seeding results in a strong, healthy lawn, which is better able to defend itself against disease and pests.

So now, every time I see the grass seed sprouting in the spring, I think about that time, and of the first time 28 years ago when I opened the mail and found a few sprigs of grass seedlings in an envelope with a note that said, “What are these and what do I do?”  It reminds me that we can’t take understanding for granted – we all have different knowledge from our varied life experiences, and we are meant to share it.  And that is truly a lesson for us all.