Seasonal Color

The first year, they sleep. The second year, they creep. The third year, they leap!

~ Perennial Folk Wisdom

Annuals, Perennials & Bulbs

Mums, Cabbages, and Pansies are planted in September and October. Spring flowering bulbs are planted with bone meal in November and December. Annuals can be planted in May and June. Perennials are planted April through December. Maintenance includes dividing, dead heading, and removal of old foliage.


Mulch is installed at a depth of 2″ to 3″ to conserve moisture and protect plant roots. Cedar, hemlock, hardwood and dyed mulches are popular organic products. Pea gravel, River Jack and other decorative stones are effective for changes in texture and color. Adequate mulch is required for suitable weed control.


At Horizon Landscape our award-winning landscape designers are educated in plants, soil, and garden design. This knowledge is the backbone on which we construct creative, sustainable, colorful, and functional gardens that provide four seasons of interest for your property.

The process to ensure a gorgeous seasonal planting design consists of:

  • An assessment of your property conditions.
  • Discussing your needs and desires and color preferences..
  • A 3 dimensional rendering of your property.
  • Carefully chosen plants from the nursery.
  • The landscape installation.

Our designers use 3 dimensional landscape rendering software to highlight specific interests pertaining to each plant, including foliage, flowers, bark, fruits, fall color, and winter interest. You can see what the plants will look like in the context of your property.

This gives you a clear understanding of what your garden will look like. In conjunction with the 3D rendering, we provide you with a plant list and plant pictures to refer to.

After the design process, Horizon’s construction manager works together with our designers and local northern New Jersey suppliers to ensure the best selection of plant material will be delivered to your home. Once they arrive, our landscape designer will make sure the plants are properly placed. We walk the property with you to make sure everything is up to your expectations. Upon final placement, landscape craftsmen will install the plants to the correct planting standards to ensure a healthy and beautiful landscape that will be enjoyable for years to come.