Lawncare & Fertilization


Turf Fertilization

Applications of fertilizers shall be carried out to maintain proper nutrient levels throughout the year. We perform regular soil tests on our home and commercial lawn maintenance projects to ensure that the proper fertilizer formulation is applied. Turf shall be fertilized with a well-balanced organic based fertilizer four times per year. A total of 4 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. will be applied per year. Natural soil amendments, bio-stimulants, and micro-nutrients are incorporated to maintain a consistent, lush, green appearance.

In addition to our foundation lawn care service, we offer supplemental services to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn.


Depending upon your soil and other conditions, we may recommend aeration for your property. This is a process of mechanically removing plugs of soil (5/8″ by 2″) every 6-8 inches. This allows a number of beneficial things to happen with the turf:

  • Releases gases from the soil, letting oxygen in.
  • Increases the amount of water to the soil and plant.
  • Stimulates new root growth.
  • Helps control harmful thatch buildup.
  • Allow fertilizers and nutrients to move faster to the root.
  • Relieves soil compaction caused by traffic and equipment.
  • Reduces water runoff on slopes and hills.

Next to fertilizing your turf on a regular basis, aeration is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve the health of your lawn.

Late summer and early fall are good times to aerate your lawn. These are optimum seasons for turf to recover and spread due to the warm soil and cooler air temperatures.

Seed vs. Sod

A seeded lawn in properly graded soil will give you the better and healthier end result than a sodded lawn will. Seeded lawns have a more diverse seed mix and can tolerate hot, dry summer conditions. Seed can be custom blended to handle the site-specific conditions of your property including shaded areas. Root development will also be better over time in a seed lawn vs. a sod lawn.

While sod has the obvious benefit of “instant” grass, a seeded lawn can take 2-3 years of proper care to completely fill in. There can be significant cost savings when you choose seed over sod, both in the initial investment and in the future care of your turf grass. We can help you decide which option is best for your particular needs

Of course the right combination of service and support depends upon unique conditions present on your property and your lawn and ornamental goals. We would love to talk with you about your needs. Please fill out our contact us form, or just give us a call at 201-848-0022.

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