Landscape Lighting
Design & Installation


Beautiful landscape design brings you enjoyment by creating your own personal sanctuary and enhancing your home’s “curb appeal”. However when the sun goes down-all that time and energy put into each and every aspect of your landscape, just disappears! There is beauty in the light and shadows of a night garden, and the proper landscape lighting design and installation can change your home and outdoor areas from hidden to truly stunning.

Never had any significant lighting installed before? Our lighting experts can highlight specific areas of interest, provide a safe way to navigate your property in the dark and light your entertainment areas so they are a visual treat for your family and friends. We can also evaluate your current lighting and re-adjust due to new hardscape additions, or plantings that have grown over the years.

Whatever your lighting design needs, Horizon naturally has the solution!

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting Installation

With your unique design plan in hand, our landscape lighting installation technicians arrive to put that design into place. At Horizon we use 12 volt LED fixtures to keep your system safe and cost effective. This voltage gives you the lighting that you need, but does not detract from the beauty of the night sky around you.

Our technicians are highly skilled and make sure all wiring is safe and up to the most stringent wiring codes. Their goal is to enhance your landscaping efficiently, effectively and safely!

An outstanding value we offer our customers is a complimentary demo of a lighting system to evaluate the look and feel for yourself. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the results before you commit, just another reason we are the perfect choice for your outdoor lighting projects.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

– Psalm 119:105