Getting Started Checklist


What are your long term/short term landscaping plans for your ­­­property?

  • Pool?
  • Addition/renovation?
  • Change in driveway pattern?
  • Installing a shed or other structure?

Do you plan on entertaining guests outdoors?

  • How many people do you usually entertain at one time?
  • What kind of activities – BBQ, games, mostly children, adults?
  • Are you considering a swimming pool?

Do you need a play area for children?

  • Playset, swings, trampoline, sandbox, lawn area

Do you travel during certain times of the year?

  • (Plant selection will be determined by when you are home the most)

Are you considering a certain style of design?

  • For example: formal or informal?
  • Or: English garden, Japanese garden or Country style?

Are you interested in a landscape plan with a special type of garden?

  • i.e. container garden, vegetable, perennial or rock garden

Are you interested in attracting birds, butterflies or other wildlife?

Are there any disabled needs that should be addressed in the landscape plan?

Are there background noises or views that you need to mask (highway or neighbors)?

Are there any views or landmarks that you would like to accentuate?

What are your favorite colors?

  • Do you like pastels or bold colors?

Are there any plants you like or dislike?

Are there any hardscape materials you like or dislike? For example: Pavers, bluestone, masonry, brick, natural stone products.

Do you need a shaded area? Trellis or pergola?

Do you enjoy spending your evening hours outdoors? Need lighting ?

Landscape projects can range in price from $10,000 to over $250,000. It’s important to know how you plan to invest in your property so we can design your landscape to fit your needs and stay within budget. We will discuss this with you during our consultation.

Please have a copy of your most recent property survey for your meeting with our landscape designer. This will be required to proceed with your landscape design.

pdf Getting Started Checklist Click here to download the pdf

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