Positive Elements of Landscape Design


Landscape design

Working with colors and placement, as in feng shui, landscape design can be utilized to bring a more positive setting for your family to enjoy. By integrating rounded shapes into the design, avoiding sharp angles or pointed corners, for example, a more pleasing atmosphere can be created..designing with good chi in mind.

A combination of trees and shrubs, water plants and hardy plants gives the landscape the elements of earth, fire, wood, metal and water. Vibrant sunflowers and daisies, for example, offer fire elements. A hardy plant, like pampas grass, provides the element of metal. Summer aster would be an example of a water plant.

The design of your landscape can positively effect and enhance personal life. Yellow accessories and earthen materials invite a positive chi. They also represent stability and long life. The peaceful clematis is a popular earth plant.

Choosing plants that are visually, as well as aromatically pleasing, is another way to enhance the experience one has in the garden or yard.

Jasmine, for example, offers a pleasing scent and provides color when it flowers.
Another example is the fragrant gardenia.

When designing your garden landscape, also keep in mind the health and energy aspects plants can add to your life. Aloe is popular and commonly found for good reason. It’s medicinal/therapeutic attributes are well known and appreciated worldwide.

Quality of life should be a consideration when designing your garden landscape. Your family will enjoy the positive experience nature provides.


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