How to Pick Path Lights for Your Property

Outdoor Path lightPath lights are designed to light up paths, walkways, driveways and other perimeters around the home. While they certainly look aesthetically pleasing, their main goal is to guide people around your property safely. Below are some tips for selecting the best path lights for your home.

Know the Function of Path Lights

What is the purpose of adding path lights to your exterior? Is it to allow a safe journey to the doorstep? Illuminate the garden? Highlight the pool perimeter? Being honest about what the function of the lights are will help you select the right type for your home. For instance, you can choose softer lights that aim upward if you want to bring attention to your garden, but lights that illuminate a walkway should provide adequate light aimed at the ground.

Select an Installation Method

To give homeowners a wider range of options, path lights come available in a variety of installation methods, such as ground stakes, flange mounts and hanging hooks. The versatility of path lights allows homeowners to position the lights to fit their unique purpose.

Choose an Energy Source

Solar-powered path lights are most popular since these lights get their energy from the sun and turn on automatically. However, if bright light is what you need, solar lights may not be reliable enough, especially on a cloudy day. In this instance, you may want to choose lights with an on/off switch where you can store the charge for a time when you really need it. There are also additional options like high-low power and timers.

Pick a Sturdy Construction

Path lights are made from a variety of materials, such as brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Choose a construction that not only complements your home but will also be sturdy in your environment. No matter the quality, all path lights are vulnerable to the elements, so expect to see some corrosion or color changes over time. Some finishes will actually wear nicely, such as brass or copper, while others like stainless steel will need cleaned to avoid tarnish.

Path lighting provides beauty, functionality and safety after the sun goes down. Choose yours wisely!