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Organic Lawn Care Techniques


Many people are concerned with using pesticides on plants and landscaping. Pesticides can be toxic to humans and pets, dangerous to the environment and also make the difference in what you can safely eat from your garden. For these reasons, more people are turning to organic lawn care techniques. However, are these techniques really better for the environment? More importantly, are these techniques safe for your kids and pets?

The short answer is, yes, but there are still certain factors to be aware of. Let’s take a closer look at organic lawn care techniques and whether or not they are safe and eco-friendly.

Plant Coverage

There are several methods you can use to protect plants by using coverage. First of all, some recommend planting different crops close together to ward off insects. If the insect can’t detect the smell of the plant, it’s less likely to bother them. Another method is to use mosquito netting, but this can actually be harmful to animals who get stuck in the netting. Some also recommend creating paper covers for the vegetable after it begins to grow. This will hide the vegetables from the animals who might want to munch on them.


Another popular way to protect plants is to use sprays. Organic sprays are often used on plants to help with growth or pesticides. When buying organic sprays, you must make absolutely sure that they are truly organic. One trick gardeners use is to spray plants with hot sauce, but if your children or pets get into the plants, it can leave burns on their skin, irritate their eyes, and cause sickness if eaten.


Lastly, organic gardening involves pulling or cutting weeds. This is a much safer option for pets and your garden. Not only do weed killers put chemicals into the soil, but they can be harmful to pets as well. However, this will require investing some hard labor into keeping your landscape weed-free.

So, is organic lawn care really better? For the most part, yes. Not only are you eliminating many of the chemicals that could go into the soil, but you’re also protecting your kids and pets from harmful pesticides.

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