March To-Do List for Your New Jersey Garden

Garden flowers

c/o: Roberto V.

We’re nearly halfway through March, and many of us are thinking spring. Fortunately, you can start getting to work this month, as there is plenty to do to prep your New Jersey garden for the spring. We’ll tell you how.

Step 1: Order your seeds

Now is a great time to purchase the seeds you want so that they’re ready to be planted after the last frost. Get a head start by shopping at your local nursery. You’ll beat the crowds and have first pick.

Step 2: Freshen up your garden space

Next, you’ll need to freshen up your garden. Remove most of the protective mulch around your plants; you’ll want to leave some mulch since the ground can still get cold. Also, pull weeds now while they are small and can be removed easier since the soil is wet. Furthermore, remove fallen leaves and debris that are left over from the fall and winter.

Step 3: Give attention to indoor plants   

In the home, it’s time to start feeding houseplants again. Some of them may even need to be re-potted. You may get a head start on your warm season vegetables and flowers by planting them indoors. You can then transfer them over to your garden when the soil is warmer. There are also some plants that do rather well in the early spring and can add extra color to your garden, such as pussy willows and forsythia.

Step 4: Control slugs and snails

With the wet soil, slugs and snails are commonplace. Take control of their numbers by removing their hiding spots, such as leaf piles and low plants that touch the ground.

Step 5: Hold off on working in the garden

Even though you may be tempted to start working in your garden, it’s best to keep off the soil, at least for now. When the soil is wet, it compacts much easier. Instead, wait until the soil breaks apart when you squeeze a clump in your hands. Your shrubs and perennials can also use slow-release fertilize going into the spring season.

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