Is it stone? Or is it StoneMakers?


Beautiful hand-crafted outdoor kitchen

There’s something about the beauty of stone that draws my eye every time.  Whether it’s a beautifully crafted house front, an elegant fireplace or a terraced planting bed, stone provides strength and coolness, while at the same time evoking charm and warmth.  No other medium, in my opinion, can do the same thing.  Installing stone properly requires skill, experience, and unfortunately for the consumer, expense.  That is, until now.

Horizon Landscape Company proudly holds the distinction of being one of very few StoneMakers dealers in New Jersey.  StoneMakers provides the beauty of stone with the strength of concrete, without the budget-breaking cost of traditional stonework.  We are so incredibly excited about this product and what it means to stone lovers everywhere.


Carved stone wall, stacked stone steps and laid stone walkway all made from StoneMakers product.

Here is an excerpt from our StoneMakers website: “With StoneMakers, beautiful hardscapes are now more imaginative, customizable, and affordable than ever.  This alternative to traditional rock and block construction allows our skilled craftsmen to shape, colorize, carve, texturize, and stack concrete without the use of forms.  The resulting rockscapes have a natural, time-distressed look that enhances the appeal and value of your property with significant savings in cost and construction time.  Further, our proprietary blend of concrete, rebar, and wire-mesh technologies – backed by our five-year warranty – makes your StoneMakers landscape features extremely durable and easy to maintain.”


StoneMakers handcrafted waterfall and fire pit.

What can we design with StoneMakers?  Anything you can dream up in natural stone.  Retaining walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, walkways, water features – the possibilities are endless.  We can create your ideas in concrete material that looks just like flagstone, bluestone, brownstone, fieldstone, country rock, slate, granite, and large boulders or slabs, in an almost infinite array of colors and textures.  It will be hard to tell that your new project was not actually crafted and constructed from natural stone.

I invite you to visit our StoneMakers page, and see what we can create for you.  You may also call our Landscape Design department at 201-848-0022, or as always, you can email me.

With StoneMakers and Horizon Landscape, you don’t have to put away the dreams of that beautiful stone project you’ve always wanted.  Let us make it become a reality.