Hardscaping Features To Enhance Your Property

Outdoor Patio with FireplaceHardscaping refers to any type of landscaping done on paved areas like streets, sidewalks, patios and walkways. It’s becoming more popular in residential areas thanks to a strong emphasis on curb appeal and increased home value. Since hardscaping takes careful precision, it’s best to work with a professional landscaping company on big projects.

StoneMakers is an excellent brand that produces artificial stone products that look just like natural stone. You get a beautiful, high-end look for patios, walkways, driveways and fireplaces but without the high price and tedious maintenance of natural stone. At Horizon, we start many hardscaping projects with StoneMakers products, and our clients are always surprised to see just how affordable the project is.

There are other hardscape features to further enhance your property. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular hardscape features that have substantial potential.

Examples of Hardscaping Features:

  • Firepit

  • Landscaping stones

  • Waterfall

  • Outdoor planters

  • Garden fountain

  • Mosaic garden path

  • Retaining walls

  • Stone benches

  • Rock gardens

  • Pergolas

  • Edging/Borders

  • Terraced plantings

  • Stairs made from cinder blocks

Front steps design ideasAll of these hardscape features can be built using a variety of materials such as mosaic tiles, pebbles, small rocks, stone, brick or wood. When constructing things yourself, you also get to save on the cost of installation. However, some clients find that they actually save money, time and headache when working with a professional landscaping team since we get in and out, leaving the project to perfection.

It’s common for us to work with clients who let us take charge of the large part of the project, such as installing a new patio or pond, while they add details of their own.

Fall is a Great Time for Hardscaping Projects!

Summer will be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to take advantage of a hardscape project that has been on your mind. With options for hardscaping, you can work around a precise budget and timeframe. The cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to work outdoors, and you can get your yard ready for next growing season. Add in some planters and built-in garden space, and you’ll have a beautiful yard that all the neighbors will envy!