Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen in Bergen County

Designing Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Ideas For some people, summer wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of entertaining. If you love to barbecue, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect feature for your home. Today’s outdoor kitchens are comprised of far more than a cooler and grill. You can include all the features of an indoor kitchen, and more if you choose. For some people, their outdoor kitchen has proven to be the center of attention, as there are fewer limitations on the size and layout of the space.

Here are great tips for designing your perfect outdoor kitchen. Let’s get cooking!

Outdoor Appliances for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t just throw in a few cabinets and a grill. Think about the type of entertaining you like to do, what types of foods you like to cook and some of the limitations you have with your existing kitchen. There are endless appliances you can include outdoors, including pizza ovens, wet bars, fireplaces, smokers, warming drawers, roasting pits and side burners.

Functional Space

It’s important to create a space that is functional for cooking and entertaining. If you have too many things crammed into a small space, it can feel overwhelming. Design a layout that will accommodate cooking and relaxation. Think about the traditional kitchen work triangle that includes the stove (grill), the sink and the refrigerator at three points.

Accessible Location

Your outdoor kitchen will shine on its own, but it’s still advantageous to have it near the home. This makes it easy to transport food and other materials, plus it gives you access to existing utility lines. Other factors to consider when planning where the kitchen will be situated include the wind, sun and shade as well as access to a pool or play space.

Wyckoff Full outdoor living spaceEntertainment/Dining Area for your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen 

You’ll be cooking up pizzas and barbecuing foods, but where will you be eating the meals? Having a joined dining area makes it easy to cook, serve and eat food. You may also want to incorporate an entertainment area so that everything you and your guests need is under one roof. A comfortable table within close proximity is all you need to accomplish this space, but you may also want to consider adding a TV, fireplace or bar.

Building an outdoor kitchen is an investment, but it’s one that will add value to the home and enhance your quality of life.