Creative Tips for Working with Sloped Yard

Home that sits on sloped yardHomes situated on slopes look stunning, and when the right landscaping and hardscaping is chosen, the home is defined even more. If you have a home that sits on slopes, you may find the space to be challenging to work with. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to enhance the look of your home while keeping it easy to maintain. It helps to call in a landscape company that can recommend a handful of options that complement your particular space.

Here are some helpful tips for working with a sloped yard.

Break Down the Space

Maybe your home is on one slope, or maybe it looks like you’re living in a bumpy valley. Whatever the case, try to break down the areas into separate rooms or spaces. For instance, you can section off an area at the top of the slope to be your garden. With multiple slopes, you can section off each area to be a different part of the garden: vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Include Stairs for Sloped Yard

Stairs are always a good choice because they allow you to utilize all of the space. Stairs constructed of concrete or stone add much value to the home. You don’t have to stick to stairs in their traditional sense, either. While a standard flight of stairs is certainly attractive for an outdoor space, you can also choose to have a terraced yard with more gradual steps.

Incorporate a Two-Story Deck 

Also consider having a two-level deck that makes use of the sloped yard. You can easily have a lounge and grilling area on the top, while adding a separate space for relaxing on the lower half. This gives you plenty of room for entertaining, and it can take the burden of having to mow sloped areas off your hands. While wood decks are functional and beautiful, you can also opt for paver patios that have stone edging around them.

Opt for Water Features to Bring Together a Sloped Yard

You can also opt for a waterfall or water feature that brings together a sloped yard. Water features deliver value and character, and they bring two levels together, helping to achieve a cohesive look in your space. If you have a swimming pool or pond, a waterfall will really make a difference in bringing the space together.

Sloped yards can be challenging to work with, but think of them as unique platforms that offer more opportunities for defining space.