Benefits of Deep Root Feeding in Bergen County

Deep root feedingDeep root feeding is A treatment that delivers nutrients directly to the root zone of a tree or shrub

If you ever planted a tree in Bergen County before, you know how challenging it can be to get the tree to grow quickly. This is a common obstacle for people who plant trees and find that they grow very little. Or maybe older trees have their roots coming out of the ground. Both are examples of trees in extreme need of a deep root feeding treatment to boost their health and vitality.

What is Deep Root Feeding in New Jersey?

Deep root feeding provides immediate nourishment to a tree through its roots. Proper plant foods are combined and then injected directly into the roots. The fertilizer is quickly absorbed and begins doing its work. With this proper nourishment, the tree is able to sustain itself. It is able to ward off insect attacks, have increased resistance to disease and be able to flower and experience new growth.

Why Trees Need Deep Root Feeding

Why might a plant or tree thrive from the start? Majority of cases, it’s poor soil or a poor planting location that prevents the plant from reaching its potential. If you don’t give your tree a deep root feeding treatment, then it will continue to decline. Taking the time to do deep root feeding treatments will protect your investment and leave you with strong trees that fight off disease and infestations.

Hiring a New Jersey Professional for Nutrient-Rich Feedings

With the careful implementation of deep root feeding, it’s best to have a professional like Horizon Landscapes in Wyckoff, NJ  do the job for you. A feeding should be administered once per season in Bergen County to keep your trees in the best condition possible. As soon as the nutrients are injected into the root system, they begin working on the tree immediately. Your professional landscaper in New Jersey will know exactly what balance of nutrients to combine, which is especially important if your plants have already begun showing signs of distress.